Public Safety

Working closely with our police department to make sure it has the resources to respond to crime quickly.
Supporting efforts of our new police chief to implement a community-oriented approach to policing.
Creating an intersegmental approach to public safety by collaborating with the Probation Department, Mental Health Department, school district and organizations that support at-risk youth.

Residents have the right to feel safe in our community.

Economic Growth

Responsible development that brings jobs and revenue to our city.
Streamlining our permitting and licensing processes.
Strategically tailoring incentive programs for the businesses we want to attract in our community.

Our city should prosper by actively promoting local businesses to attract both residents and tourists.


Establishing an Education Academy in Desert Hot Springs High School.
Working towards bringing a College of the Desert campus to Desert Hot Springs.
Youth programs to build youth leadership and civic engagement in the city.
Strengthening after-school programs.

Our community should grow local leaders by prioritizing and investing in our children’s education.

Health Infrastructure

Working to provide safe sidewalks, crosswalks and bike paths.
Providing proper maintenance to our parks.
Identifying our existing hiking trails with signage and trail maps.

Health happens in our community by providing residents with the opportunity to live healthy and active lives.